Radio Series by WFMT from the Milken Archive of Jewish Music
2005 / 2006alt

Radio Series with Leonard Nimoy
Available On Naxos Web Radio and Podcasting

Conductor and comentator: Gerard Schwarz
Comentator: Neil W. Levin


Narrations and host: Leonard Nimoy
Insights: Lowell Milken (the founder of Milken Archive)

From the Milken Archive American Jewish Music presents a 13-part radio series. Each series is 2 hours. Ranging from concertos over Yiddish theater to symphonies a. o., the series was successfully aired this year (2006). It could be internationally obtained from Naxos Web Radio channels 46 to 48 (
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Episode 6 of the critically-acclaimed radio series American Jewish Music from the Milken Archive with Leonard Nimoy inhabits the nexus between the synagogue and the concert hall with sacred masterpieces by some of the 20th-century's most influential composers. Part 1 features liturgical settings by Kurt Weill and Douglas Moore, excerpts from Darius Milhaud's Service Sacré, and an imaginative Kol Nidre service by Arnold Schoenberg. Includes commentary by Gerard Schwarz and Neil W. Levin.

These episodes were introduced by Leonard Nimoy:
Each theme was reflecting American Jewish music. Songs from the Golden Age of Yiddish Theater; music by Kurt Weill a. o.; Sephardic music; Jewish legends in tone poems, film scores and operas; Klezmer music; sacred masterpieces and the great cantorial tradition; symphonies and concertos; Holocaust reflections and world premieres of recently discovered Jewish compositions by the Hungarian Leonard Bernstein.

26 Apr 2006 Episode 4, part 1: Yiddish Music (Stream on
Podcast Feed URL:

17 Mar 2006 Episode 3, part 2: Bible Stories (Stream on
Podcast Feed URL:

20 Jan 2006 Episode 3, part 1: Bible Stories (Stream on
Podcast Feed URL:

14 Dec 2005 Episode 2, part 2: Concertos (Stream on
Podcast Feed URL:

17 Nov 2005 Episode 2: Concertos (Stream on
Podcast Feed URL:

26 Oct 2005 Episode 1, part 2: Introduction to the Milken Archive, continued (Stream on
Podcast Feed URL:

14 Oct 2005 Episode 1: Introduction to the Milken Archive (Stream on
Podcast Feed URL:

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