Leonard Nimoy: William Shatner stole my bicycle! - The 25 Year Mission Tour

alt1991 December 06

Sacramento, CA.



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Leonard Nimoy: He is mean. He is really mean. I've been telling people this for years. Now, I want you to believe me tonight, I'm not kidding, he's mean, he's a mean person. 


Executive producers: Adam Malin and Gary Berman
Title graphics: Marc Makowski, Steve Bretschneider, Philip Gerald Gallo
Music and editing: Philip Gerald Gallo
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"They have faced weird monsters, alien women and network executives. Now they face their greatest challange together: A LIVE AUDIENCE. 


Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner enter the stage to a great welcome. The audiences applaud and cheer. After a while William Shatner indicates to calm down - while Leonard encourages everybody to go on. When Bill looks at Leonard, Leonard raises his shoulders as if he wonders why they do not obey Bill. 


William Shatner: All right, all right. Hold on for a second, you'll exhaust yourself. We all are going to exhaust ourselves. Let's conserve our energy because you may need it. 
altWe've never done this before (indicating that Leonard and he are on stage together.  Cheers from the audience) 
Leonard Nimoy: First time. 
William Shatner: We've never been on stage, together and alone. 
Leonard Nimoy: Never.

William Shatner: We don't quite know what to do. 
Leonard Nimoy: That's true. 
(Someone shouting: Wave at me!)
William Shatner: He says 'Wave on him'
altLeonard Nimoy: Who said that? 
William Shatner: Well, he does something with his hands that I can't do. 
Leonard raises his hand and gives the Vulcan salute. 
William Shatner: No, I don't mean 'raise the hand' I mean 'part the fingers'. 
altLeonard approches him and gives him a hand.
William Shatner: I can't do that. Will you show me how to do that?
Leonard Nimoy does the Vulcan salue: It took me years and years of diligent practice and self-denial to learn how to do that.  (Laughing from the audience) 

William Shatner raises his hands and it doesn't work out: No wonder, I can't do it!
.... ....  .... 


BS: Whatwe thought we do is to talk to you for a couple of minutes. .... and we interview ourselves. This is Leonard Nimoy. 


Leonard Nimoy: Hi! .... (appluase and cheers) ...... and this is my captain and my friend, William Shatner.
altWilliam Shatner: Mine was louder than yours. 
Leonard Nimoy: So far we're doing okay. 

..... ... ....
William Shatner: So far one of us is going to leave the stage for 5, 10 minutes
(Shouts of disappointment from the crowds)
Leonard Nimoy: Wait a minute, who's in charge here?
altWilliam Shatner: They are. 
Leonard Nimoy is laughing. 
William Shatner: .. so that you get to know the individual (sounds of disapproval) ... Hang on! JUST A MOMENT NOW! 
Leonard Nimoy: Respect for the captain, come on. 
William Shatner: I get control real quickly. So, one of us will go for about 10 minutes, so you get to know one of us, then the other will go out and the other come up for about 10 minutes and then we spend the rest of the time together. That's the way we thought it would work, so why not?

Leonard Nimoy: The questions is who goes first. 
William Shatner: Who goes first? 
Leonard Nimoy pretends to throw a coin. 
altWilliam Shatner: Wait a minute, I HAVE a coin, I have a coin. What do you want?
Leonard Nimoy: Heads. 
William Shatner: You want heads. The only thing is, Leonard, you wear your glasses and I'm not wearing mine. 
He throws the coins. 
Leonard Nimoy: So, if I lie you won't know. (laughing) ... I got tails - see you later. 

William Shatner stays on stage and talks to the audience. ..... 

He ends with the words: I love DeForest nearly as much as I love our next guest: Leonard Nimoy!

Leonard Nimoy enters the stage - cheers from the audience. 

Leonard Nimoy: He's right (referring to the story William Shatner has just told the audience about DeForest Kelly having misspelled his name when signing the hands in cement at the Grauman' Chinese Theater.)  ....  He wrote "DeForest" without the 's'. (It was later added.)

altLeonard goes on sharing about George Takei that he's become a Vulcan. "Whereever he goes his hand is like that, see (making the gesture). 


A couple of weeks ago the Variety which is a daily showbusiness newspaper in Los Angeles, it is pretty famous, you may have probably heard about 'Variety'. They tell all the news what is going on about the business in television, films theater, radio. music ... and they ran up a section that has to do with the 25th anniversary of 'Star Trek' because this is the 25th anniversary this year. They keep reminding us (laughing) and they did a wonderful thing (pointing at a paper he brought along). I remember about two or three weeks, maybe a month after we were on the air. I was riding with Bill in an open car down the Hollywood bouleward in the annual Thanksgiving parade.

They have this parade every year and they ask celebrities, people who are on the news, TV shows and what have you, ...... and there are thousands and thousands of people lining Hollywood Bouleward. Its a big, big event. And along the way they have people with microphones announcing who's comoing along. 'Here's coming ... staring as such and such here is soandso..'.  ...  And when we came along riding side by side: 'Here come the stars of a new television series, new science fiction series that just went on the air: Here they are: William Shatner and Leonard Nimsy. 
(The audience is laughing) I swear! 
And Bill turned to me and said: You'll remember that for a long time!
altNow, the reason I mention it is because they published in 'Variety' last week, they republished the review that 'Variety' gave us when we first went on the air in 1966, and I thought you'd like to hear what our showbusiness "bible" said about us the first week it went on the air. It appeared on September 14th 1966, just a littel over 25 years ago: "It appears that William Shatner and Leonard Nomoy (laughter again) .... NBC Thursday at 8:30 sixty minutes ... 'Star Trek' won't work." That's the opening line. Then it says: "An incredible and really massive confusion charged on for a long hour with hardly any relief from violence, killings, hypnotic stuff and a distasteful ugly monster." This was a show about a salt-sucker, wasn't it? 

(The audience: Yeah)
alt"The performers are in their pitching, but the arts are agianst them in all apartments. Script, direction and over all: production. William Shatner (to the audience : Shhhhh!!!) appears wooden." (laughing) I didn't say it, it says it here. 
I've never heard him of being accused 'wooden' before. alt ....  Then it says: "The same goes for Leonard Nimoy" (laughing) "costars as Mr. Spock." Listen to this! "So called 'chief science officer' who's bizzare hairdo etc.. is a dilly." Then it goes on: "The biggest guessing game is figuring out how this lower case fantasial broke into the schedule."
(Booohs from the audience.)
alt... Leonard recites a fan letter in which a fan expresses his admiration for Dr. Spock  ...
There are surely a lot of questions which have been asked throughout the years about Star Trek and I think probably some of those questions are still of some interest to some of you here tonight. I wonder how many of you are over 25? .....  This means some of you weren't even born when 'Star Trek' went on the air. 
alt(Cheers) What are you so proud of?  (laughter) Like you have something to do with it? (laughter)
So, I think maybe Bill wants to come back. 
Both are sitting on chairs on the stage now. 

Leonard Nimoy: I remember all the years when we were making the series I had to get to the studio at 6:30 in the morning, every morning, and we started to get the make-up on because my make-up took a litle longer than Bill's. A lot longer than Bill's. And Bill would show up around 7 or 7:15 as I recall and by that time I was having the ears on, they were working on the eyebrows, I was very, very sleepy and Bill comes in (Leonard gets up agitating) 'I must tell you what happened last night! My horse and my wife and my kids! And I was in the car, and they went this way and I went that way ...!'  
William Shatner: I felt that I had to wake you off your stooper! 
Those days back in the make-up room 25 years ago, - interesting time.
Leonard Nimoy: What do you want to talk about?
William Shatner: Well. let's start 25 years ago. 
Leonard laughs. 
William Shatner: You laugh! But how much trouble did you have with those ears? 
altLeonard Nimoy: The days were long and the work was hard and the ears were not very comfortable, they itched. And I remember hot summer day, '66, '67, '68, we do shoting for 12 hours in a day, and in the afternoon, after lunch, oh boy, you learn to eat light lunch, because if you ate a heavy lunch, you get so drowsy in the afternoon that it was hard to stay sharp. I don't know if you remember the day, we were shooting a scene, -- I don't remember if we ever talked about this -- where you and I were in a room, a couple of guys walk in, bad guys, and we have a fight with them. And its 'bang, bang, bang' I pinch a guy, and he hits a guy and the guys are down on the floor, and after he hits the ground, we have some more dialog for about 30 or 40 seconds ..... So, we rehearesed it, we do the dialog, the guys come in, we have this big fight, I pinch this guy, he hits that guy, then he hits that guy, then he hits that guy, he hits both guys, he hits all the guys, and the two stuntmen drop to the floor like they were supposed to, the camera keeps roling and we start our dialog .... I said: "Logical, captain," and I hear "rrrrrrrrrr" (Leonard imitates a loud snoring and there's laughter in the hall). 
William Shatner: A stuntman. 
Leonard Nimoy: Trying not to break up...
William Shatner: A stuntman lying under the table
Leonard Nimoy: fell asleep. 
William Shatner: He layed still for three minutes. He fell asleep during the scene, he started snoring!
altLeonard Nimoy: We both heard it, we both knew exactly what it was. And by the look in his eye I knew that he knew what it was. 
William Shatner: And by the twitch in his ears I knew that he knew what it was. 
Leonard Nimoy: But we both tried very hard to get the scene done without breaking. So you can imagine
William Shatner: chrrrr... And we left on our seperate ways, fell out of the door and started hysterically laughing. ....

altLeonard Nimoy: What do you tell people when they ask you:'What's your favorite episode?' Anybody here who wants to know the answer of that question?  ('Yeah!' - shouts from the audience) 
William Shatner: You can imagine that -- after 25 years -- (he moves his chair to face the audience to the right better than before - 'Thank you!' shouts from the audience) 
Leonard Nimoy: They are very polite!
William Shatner: I actually ralize that I had turned my back to the right. Well, after 25 years you can imagine ...
Leonard Nimoy: Wait a moment ... (Leonard gets up and pull the speaker's pulpit bakwards so that the people sitting on the left hand side can see better - 'yeah!!' - shouts from the left side. and applause.)
William Shatner: That was great! Very observative. 
Leonard Nimoy: They want to see you. 
William Shatner: I told you he's a thinking, feeling,  ...
Leonard Nimoy: No, no, no, I'm a celebrity. 
William Shatner: You got your glasses on. 
Leonard Nimoy is laughing. 

altWilliam Shatner: After 25 years you can imagine how many times we have been asked a number of questions. One of the big questions .... (turning to Loenard) has anybody asked you a question I haven't asked you? But in any case the favorite episode question is one of the big questions, so I developed a stock- answer: Give me the stock- answer and then I'll give you an answer I have never told anybody. Well, its the 25th anniversary and I figure its time. The stock answer is: I can't remember the episodes, its been so long. Its those episodes I played double-roles. The most difficult thiing to play, you act to yourself and don't know what's going on. And then of course there are segments of shot you hardly ever get to see the script. One day I walked in and there I was: I was required tplay a girl in my body. ..... That's my standard answer. But let me tell you what my real answer is that I haven't spoken to Leonard about if ever, its a long, long time, .... 
.... In the first year we were doing an episode and working very hard, all of us have gotten to know each other, knew our relationships, both personally and professionally, and my father died .....  at that moment in time the pain was awful, my beloved father had died. ....  .... (William Shatner explains how the director wanted to stop shooting, and he has told him that he had to wait for the plane anyway and didn't know what to do with himself. They went on shooting. ) ... all that I remember in 25 years to this day is the closeness that Leonard had towards me. Not only emotionally, but actually like I have seen on film on elephants that support the sick and the dying with their bodies, Leonard was close to me and the cinematographer, Jerry Finnerman, Jerry Finnerman's father has also died on the set some years before. Between Jerry Finnerman and Leonard Nimoy that afternoon was able to pass. And when I flew to my father -- warm and full of love and effection. (applause)  I favor that. ... (towards Leonard) I never said that. 
altaltLeonard Nimoy: I remember it. I remember it very well. I remember the day very clearly. As a matter of fact I remember the episode very well. It was "Devil in the Dark" with the Horta. (Towards the audience) You remember the Horta? 
It was a very touching experience. But let me tell you: Bill has a very "dangerous" sense of humor. And I remember very much that we kind of hurdeled around him. Let him feel that there was somebody close around him, whether he wanted to talk or what he wanted to do. We actually intruded on his space. And I remember that, when he actually flew away to go to services for his dad, we went ahead and shot the one scene where Spock gets in touch with the Horta's mind. And the Horta is that creature that was the mother of the eggs which had been destroyed. I'm sure those who have seen it will recall the episode.
altThe Horta was in great pain which we discovered because Spock mind-melds with it. And as Spock gets in touch with this thing, he starts to experience the pain which the Horta is experiencing. And I thnk I sadi something like 'Pain. Pain...' . It was something like that. We shot that. And Bill was not there to see it. When he came back, two days later as I recall, now we had to shoot scenes with Bill as if he was there watching me do that. And those pieces of film would be later cut in with those pieces of film, we had been doing. So, when the camera was actually being set up to Bill to show his reaction, I actually started to rehearse it. And I said: 'Bill, I was over here and I was doing this and I said: 'Pain.Pan..', and he said: 'I wish Leonard would do it for me so that I could really see what I'm reacting to, you know?' 
I said: 'Bill, I was only here, I said:'Pain, pain' .. and he said: No, no 
William Shatner: I remember. Do the line and we'll see whether we can do it. 
Leonard Nimoy: You want me really to do it? 
William Shatner: There's an aftermath to the story I want you to understand. ... (Bill repeats the background-story) I wanted to show everybody, I'm still here, I'm back, in charge of my mind, everything is okay. So I said: 'Leonard, do the thing for me, do it full out now.'
Leonard Nimoy: Right. 
altWilliam Shatner: Don't just say 'Pain, pain', do it!
Leonard Nimoy: Pain!!!! PAIN!!! 
altWilliam Shatner: Get that man an asperin! (The audience is laughing) 


Both reach out to each other and shake hands. 




Leonard reads a letter of predictions he made 25 years ago.  ... The letter says he has predicted the three seasons of 'Star Trek' in 1966, the syndication, the follow-up seasons of TNG, the movies and the 25th anniversary "preferably in Sacramento, California". (Leonard gets a standing ovation) 
William Shatner: He's such a liar!!!! 
Leonard calls a witness from the audience who witnesses that it says "Sacramento, California"
William Shatner: That's your sister! I, on the other hand, had no idea! Why didn't you tell me? 
altLeonard Nimoy: I thought you knew! One of my favorite episodes was when Bill was split into two, Kirk was split into two Kirks. The mean Kirk and there was a nice Kirk, and halfway through the story, the mean Kirk has got the phaser and was to kill the nice Kirk, and if he does we'll never get humpty-dumpty together again. 
(He explains how he invented the Vulcan neck pinch and that Bill was the one who sold it by dropping down convincingly)
William Shatner explains how Leonard got an attacker down by the pinch and left him to deal with the other three. 
William Shatner: By the time he got more relaxed ...
Leonard Nimoy: cooler
William Shatner: He'd pinch one guy and stand back and watch. And these stuntmen would beat the heck out of me. 
(He shares a story where he encountered three bigger men and nearly fought them thinking he was captain Kirk, but realized in time that he isn't.

They talk about 'The City on the Edge of Forever'. 

.... .... ... 
altLeonard Nimoy: Leonard Nimoy: He is mean. He is really mean. I've been telling people this for years. Now, I want you to believe me tonight, I'm not kidding, he's mean, he's a mean person. He stole my bicycle. 
William Shatner: I didn't steal your bicycle. 
Leonard Nimoy: Yes, he did. He stole my bicycle. 
William Shatner: I'm gonna tell you the story
Leonard Nimoy: And it was not once. 
William Shatner: I tell you what we do
altLeonard Nimoy: He took advantage of a person in need.  
William Shatner: When were you in need? 




Leonard Nimoy: Of a person struggling, a person in pain. 
He did! He hurt me, badly. I want you to know that. 
Is this being taped? Is somebody taping this? I want it on record, you know?
altWilliam Shatner takes his arm around Leonard's neck and kisses his ear.


William Shatner: I wouldn't hurt you for the world, Loenard, but the problem was every time tehy'd call lunch you'd get on your bike and bicycle down to the conversary and get ahead ...
Leonard Nimoy: That's the logical thing to do. 
(Leonard walks away and goes to the speaker's pulpit)
William Shatner: Is it something I said? 
He's pushing this thing back. 
Leonard Nimoy: I'm looking for the water. You want some water? 
Its trúe. I had a bicycle. I had my name on it, too. That's right. It said it right there. It said: 'Leonard Nimoy' and I spelled it correctly, too. 
That's because we had not much time to get from the stage to the commercary, get to lunch, get to the make-up department, get the ears touched up and get to work. So, I used the bicycle. And one day I walked out the stage and my bicycle was gone. Right! So I came up to the stage and I was kind of upset. And I sad: 'who took my bicycle? Come on guys, I took it here for a reason'.
William Shatner: It was chained. 
Leonard Nimoy: Now, my 'friend' here decides to have some fun with me. So one day after I had complained, he got my bicycle and he tied it to a rope and they put it into the rafters. And the ceiling is higher than the ceiling here on the sound stage. And when I said: 'Where's my bicycle?', he starts laughing 'hahaha'. I mean ist that funny, to hide a guy's bicycle?
altAnd I was in bad shape at the time I could hardly walk. Bill took advantage of a guy who ist hurt. I want some sympathy. Wait a minute!  ('ooooooooh!!' from the audience)
William Shatner: Wait a minute. He's only telling half of the story. Let me tell you the rest of the story. When he first got teh bike he paddled like crazy and he got down to the conversory ahead of everybody else and he got lunch before everybody else had. Now, these are important things. So I bought a chain and one of these locks - when you shoot them theystill remain in place. And I locked the bike to a fire-lighter. 
Leonard Nimoy: Why? 
William Shatner: And he came out and said: 'Why did you do this?'
Leonard Nimoy: Yeah, why? 
William Shatner: Because I had to get lunch, too.  ...
.... So he got wolf-cutters the next day, opend the chain so that he got his bike. 
So the following day  ....
Leonard Nimoy: I remember everything!
altWilliam Shatner: I bread dobermen as well as horses. A doberman is a great dog. Very territorial, they love their master. 
Leonard Nimoy: His dogs are meaner than he is. and that's not easy!
William Shatner: So I put my dog in th edressing room .... So when I saw that his bike was unchained and somebody could take it ... I took his bike and I put it for safekeeping in my dressing room. (Laughter from the audience) And when he said where his bike was I said I put it into my dressing room for safekeeping, Leonard, and I went off to lunch. 
He got very upset!
Just because a doberman went for his throat.
I told him the best way to stop a charging doberman is while he is in mid-air is reach out and grab his tongue. It immediately stopps. 
Leonard Nimoy: I tried the Vulcan death grip, it didn't work. 
The next day I had a car, I was driving a large Buick ..
William Shatner: You're still driving it. 
altLeonard Nimoy: and parked outside the sound stage to protect my bicycle. I put it inside my Buick and locked the car. - Guess who had my car towed away? 
(The audience laughs out loud, cheers)
He is not a nice guy!
This is not a nics guy!
William Shatner: It was one of those flyer - bicycle. I still have it and they are worth a lot of money now. 
What was your favorite episode, Leonard?
Leonard (very dryly): Spock's brain. 

William Shatner: I think we did a good job in putting it back!
.... ...  ...

(They talk about various episodes)

...  .... .... ....  

Leonard Nimoy (Talking about 'Amok Time'): The words "Live long and prosper" have been spoken there for the first time. I could hardly say it. I had to say: ' I will do neither, I have killed my captian and my friend.' And it really meant a lot to me that I have to say these words. And people accused me that I had smiled when I saw him. (Laughter in the audience) 
William Shatner: When did you realize that the Spock- character really had taken hold and become so popular? Was it a specific moment?
Leonard Nimoy: The very first  time I was asked to go to a personal appearance after the show went on the air. It was in Medford, Oregan, I think it was around December, January of the first season. It had been on the air three or four months. And it was the only time ever that I did what I did.
altI went Medford, Oregon, to be the grand marshal of the parade at the pear blossom festival, something they have  there every year. And I went as Spock -- in character -- to ride in the parade in an open car down the main street in Medford, Oregon. We never made it. I mean I got into the car. They got me out of the hotel in a car, and the car was supped to drive down about a mile on the main street and then end up in a public square. After we've driven about a block the people started to come off the side walk and surrounded the car. 
It was all they could do to get me out of the car .... 
William Shatner: You must understand that we are actors and those are characters, I mean you do understand that. (Laughing) It would be insane to put on a costume and go as captain Kirk. 
Leonard Nimoy: It was insane. 
altWilliam Shatner: And especially with the amount of make-up he needs ... 
Leonard Nimoy: A couple of hours. 
William Shatner: A couple of hours of make-up, not only to put the ears on.  .... ... 
What made you decide to never do it again? 
Leonard Nimoy: I really didn't know what I was getting into. I didn't kow what it was all about. I wanted to explore and find out what this was about, what it would be like to be amongst people on the streets of an American city at that time. Oh, there was another time that I was on the street as Mr. Spock. But that was different. I wanted to find out what it would be like. I wanted to find out how they would react to the character.
altI thought I might learn something, it would be nice for the people to see Spock and maybe enjoy that. It was bizzare, They didn't know whether to touch me or not touch me. And they didn't quite know how I woould react. I didn't quite know how I should react. 
William Shatner: But you didn't think it was the way to make a public appearance.  Did you think they didn't ask you as Leonard Nimyo but wanted you as the character?
Leonard Nimoy: You are right, I guess probably that was part of it. I thought they know me as Spock and if I don't come as Spock they have no way of relating to me. They had no idea who I am. They'd say :'Who is that? We came to see Spock.' You understand that, don't you? One time I remember I had a very severe tooth-problem and I had been seeing a particular dentist. And I was in a lt of pain that day and I had to get off the set. I called my dentist and I said 'I have a lot of pain in that tooth you've been working on.' and the dentist was on vacation. And there was a lady who took the call. She said: 'Your dentist Dr. soandso is not here, but there is another doctor in the office covering his patients, so, if you want to come in he'll see you.' So I said: 'Okay, I will go' and I went to this office and walked off the stage as Spock! I got into my car as Spock! Drove up to Sunset Bouleward and parked the car right in front of this building.
altAnd I stepped right out of the car and walked across the side-walk - nobody blinked an eye! True! Now I walked into this building, I stepped into the elevator with a whole bunch of people. It got very quiet in the elevator. (Laughter and applause) I pressed the button for the floor, I got off the appropriate floor, 10 or whateverit was, I walked to this office, opened the door. There was a lady who was sitting there writing as I walked in as I recall. And I walked in and stood there in front of her. She looked up and immediately looked down to the paper and went on writing and said: 'Yes, what can I do for you?' And I said: 'My name is Leonard Nimoy I called about my tooth.' and she said: 'Sit there, the doctor will be in in a few moments.' I sat down, not a word was spoken, she eventually said, 'The doctor is in he will see you now.', waöked me in and and I met this dentist, he said: 'I am doctor soandso.' and I said: 'How do you do? I am Leonard Nimoy' and he said: 'Please, sit down let's see where the problem is.'
altAnd I said: 'Thrrererr rigggghttherrrrrerr' and he went to work on my tooth, worked on it for about half an hour. And when he was done, he said: 'If you have any trouble again, call dr. soandso who will be back fromvacation.' 
They never said A WORD to me about what is this, what are you doing? Who are you? Are you crazy? Are you insane? Are you safe to be around? is it safe to touch you? 
Can you imagine what they said about me after I walked out of the door? That was th eonly other time I went out as Spock into public. 

William Shatner: We had another experience with non-doctors which you and I shared with DeForest as a matter of fact. We have spent hours and hours in the make-up room as you can imagine. And all of us had something like a far-away look in our ears (Laughter) 
Leonard Nimoy: Why does he do that? I told you he's not a nice guy. 
William Shatner: Can I share this with you? I didn't mean to say 'ears'. 
altLeonard is laughing. 
William Shatner: We were talking about your ears for an hourt and a half now. A far-away lok in our eyes. And one day I said to Leonard: 'Do you have a ringing in your ears?' And he said: 'Yes, I do, do you?' I said 'yes, I do.' And DeForest said: 'So do I'. And we looked at each other and thought we have tinnitus - the three of us. A constant ringing - the three of us. And Leonard said: 'I know where its from.' We were all on the set. (Towards Leonard) Do you remember this? 
Leonard Nimoy: No, not the episode.
altWilliam Shatner: The special effects guy guy had to prepare an explosion on the set. So he put some powder -- and special effects as you know from the head-lines  is more of an art than science. So this guy put a load of powder in this thing
Leonard Nimoy: a big barrel
William Shatner: In a barrel and I: 'Now, Spock, I think we'll step over this barrel now 
Leonard Nimoy: Booom!
William Shatner: An explosion. We were in a closed space. This idiot was supposed to have cracked the doors in the soudn stage - he never did. There was like an implosion. 

Leonard Nimoy: The concussion - it was in the ear. 

William Shatner: All three of us went like this (holding his ear) and we all went to the same doctor all in make-up (laughter), the guy looked in Leonard's ear - all the way through. (Laughter)
Listen to me - its ten to ten, we've been here a long time.
(Both get up and go to a side of the stage.  )

William Shatner: I want to thank you all for coming.
altThis has been as an enjoyable experience for me as it has been for Leonard. (Laughter) I hope it has been as much fun for you as it has been for me. Thank you! (applause) 

altLeonard Nimoy: Wait a minute. Very seriously I would feel a little short-chained if I didn't get to say to you that we are a couple of very, very grateful people - all of us in Star Trek - are extremely grateful to all of you who have been so supportive. We always know you are there waiting for the work that we do, we always know you enjoy the good stuff and you are forgiving the mistakes that we make. Without you we could not have survived all this time and have this wonderful ride. You have enriched our lives, we hope, we have given something back to you. Thank you! Thank you very, very much. Live long and prsoper! 

William Shatner: Thank you!
Leonard Nimoy: Thank you very, very much!





William Shatner stole my bike!

The whole convention: 




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