Star Trek convention Las Vegas





Leonard takes off his jacket. When he turns around his T-shirt says #1 Vulcan.
altThe audiences loves it and cheers.

Leonard Nimoy: I've been on the internet the last few days and its amazing to me that people spend a lot of their time on these walls and websites. - hundreds of people are on there waisting their opinions about what should be done about 'Star Trek' next. 
altPeople who have never directed a 'Star Trek' episode, people who have never directed a film, people who have never directed trafic, are waisting their opinions about what should be done with the next 'Star Trek' - fascinating. 
You know the Vulcan philosophie about infinite diversities in infinite combinations, we're getting it, I tell you, we're getting it. 
(He's holding a paper) I've copied a few of the 'milder' ones. 
(Leonard recites): "Of literally hundreds of hours of tv there are only a handful that I think could pass as 'Star Trek'. I don't say they're bad, I say they just aren't 'Star Trek'. Not in look, nor in style nor in story, I'm excited aboutthis because after 20 years of watching shows that are 'star Trek' undertitled, I not ctually see a movie that lives and breathes the words, rather than put themon the screen."
Leonard looks puzzled. 
altThe audience is laughing. 
Leonard Nimoy: Okay, okay, ... 
reciting on: "I bring in Nimoy and Shatner. They'll kill you ... the remake and reinvigorate Trek. As a fan I'm disappointed ..." (boohs from the audience and Leonard laughs) 
Leonard Nimoy: Is that your oppinion? 
goes on reciting: "They kill Trek to satisfy a bunch of old trekkies. .. remember how 'Star Wars -- at advanced age? Let's hope they don't do the same with Spock. "
Leonard Nimoy: So many experts, so many oppinios....

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