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Leonard Nimoy is into more than just a new TV series. He’s into a whole new life.
Besides the new role in "Mission: ImpossibIe," Leonard's also got a new kind of music, a new side profession and, best of all, a new look.

altSeeing Leonard in person today is seeing a man who looks years younger than he did a year ago. The reason for the new youth is not just slightly longer hair—it’s a whole new way of life.


"l look at pictures of myself while I was doing ‘Star Trek' and traveling so much and it’s scary. l was working long hours and traveling all the time and recording when I had a chance and I began looking and feeling older than I was," Leonard notes.
"But we finished filming ‘Star Trek' in January and I got some rest, finally. Then I decided that when I did get back to work that I'd save some time for myself and my family.
Other changes include a new album titled "The New World Of Leonard Nimoy." While his first albums were somewhat on the philosophical side, this album is much more contemporary. It includes songs by Nilsson and Creedence Clearwater Revival and Leonard thinks it’s the best work he’s ever done.
Also new in Leonard's Iife is a new side profession. He now owns a pet shop. lt’s called Leonard Nimoy’s Pet Pad and it’s in Canoga Park, Calif. A close family friend runs the shop for him but both his son and daughter work there whenever possible.
Why a pet shop? "Well, l've aIways had a thing for animals and I once worked in one to support myself between roles. And I like the kind of people that shop in pet stores. Our own menagerie at home consists of a dog, a cat, a tortoise, hamster, two rabbits and a tank full of fish."
And of course the big change is his role as Paris on "Mission: lmpossibIe." He’s very pleased with the part and says he's trying to portray Paris as "a fairly loose guy, a guy who may have dropped out somewhere along the line but then found his place with this job."


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