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By Edith Dahlfeld for BRAVO
Cool, mysterious, a little scary - this way Leonard Nimoy appears on our screens through time and space. How does the man look like behind the mask? Leonard Nimoy answers these questions in the interview with Edith Dahlfeld. 

... Leonard Nimoy (41) shows a very sympathetic smile. 
We sit in his office in a huge part of Universal-Film-Productions in Hollywood. I want to know: 
"How comes that you have got the biggest success of all the Enterprise-crew-members?"
"Because of the strangeness of the role", he underestimates modestly. "I am the only crew-member from planet Vulcan. And I bring along all what differs Vulcans from people from Earth: Long, pointed ears, different eyebrows, and hair - and the ability to supress all emotions."

"You experience unbelievable adventures in the episodes of Star Trek. Did this bother you during the three years of shooting?"
"The phantasy in the actions - not at all. I am an ardent science-fiction fan. What disturbed me was: I had to sit for one and a half hour for the make-up each day. It took that long until the hair was done and the ears were fit. Because these things had to be glued on anew each day and went fragile by that, I needed a pair of new ears each week."

I remember that Nimoy was on stage very early and asked him about it.
He laughs: "Yes, my first role I had with eight years in "Hänsel and Gretel". With 18 I went from my town of birth Boston to the Pasadeny Playhouse in Los Angeles to learn the craft. 
I worked as a taxi-driver and an usher in a cinema until I got my first role in a movie in 1851.
It only really started when I was taken for roles in series like "The Virginian" and then I was offered the biggest chance in "Star Trek" from 1965. 1968 the story was shut down and after that I took part in series like "Mission: Impossible" and movies like "Catlow" and beside that I sold well over 400 000 own albums - yes, I also sing folk songs."

"Mr. Spock may not fall in love. How is it with Leonard Nimoy?"
"Much better! Since 1954 I am happily married with my colleague Sandra Zober and have got two children, Julie (17) and Adam (15). These two lively "Spocks" keep Sandra and me quite busy." 

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