Der Preis der Gefühle (The Good Mother)
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By Haiko Albrecht 


Link to the film directed by Leonard Nimoy

A summary of the film is given. 

When looking for a suitable director for "The Good Mother" in 1988 a certain scepsis was involved when Leonard Nimoy was thought of. He had had the greatest success in the United States with his 1987 film "Three Men and a Baby". Leonard Nimoy whom we know as science officer of the star ship Enterprise never before directed a drama. The question was whether Nimoy was the right person in this case.But the producers could be convinced. 
Nimoy himself is only amused hwne thinking back: The people will be astonished about my history. Indeed I began with Tennessee Williams and Jean Genet. Only then I went to science fiction adventures." 
He referred to the third and fourth "Star Trek" adventure he directed. These two movies brought him various plus points with his fellow directors, but that was dealt with as one hit projects. Meanwhile Nimoy proved that he is capable for far more than to portray the long-eared Vulcan Spock.
Before Nimoy could start working on "The Good Mother", he had to get involved for Diane Keaton who was the only actress who he thought is capable of implementing the emotional power of the script for the movie. Nimoy remember that the people responsible were not convinced by his choice: "Somehow they had forgotten about Diane. So I combined some footage from roles from "Reds" and "Shoot The Moon". They really were amazed about her great  acting technique, about her talent for comic humor as for drama".
Now the American film critics know that Nimoy took the right choice. 

Diane Keaton who portrays Anna in "The Good Mother" is enthusiastic about Niomy's abilities as director: "Leonard is very empathetic when he leads an actor. He never gives too much, he does not overload a person. He talks little. This relieves you as an actor. He lets you lift off. He also films uncomplicated. He is great as story teller. He keeps the images simple and therefore gives the actor space to move.
We will see Leonard Nimoy soon again as the Enterprise-crew's next adventure with Nimoy as Spock starts in spring in the states. So then: Live long and prosper! 


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