Convencao Leonard Nimoy Spock Frota Estelar Brasil

alt2003 October 25
in Sao Paulo 

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Leonard Nimoy is introduced and receives a great applause. 

Leonard Nimoy: You're so emotional. .... 
Its my first time to South America.  It has been too long. From tomorrow I'll be four or five days on vacation here and then back to the United States. 


My memories of Star TRek begin 1965. 38 years ago. I had no idea what the impact has been for such a long time. ...   Someone asked me on a press conference a couple of days ago if I am expected to be involved in Star Trek in the future. And I responded that I have not been involved for the last 12 years I had finsihed work on Star Trek I had not heard from them since then.  So to expect to get a phone call from them now would be illogical. (Laughter in the hall) 
altHow many of you here are 37 years or younger? ... (he laughs) .. so that means that you were not even born (!) when we started making Star Trek films. Its  an extraordinary score. And if people ask my why Star Trek lives so long? The answer is: Brilliant acting. 
I was cast by Gene Roddenberry. He had seen me working at another TV show he had been producing. And he decided to offer me a job and the role of Mr. Spock. What was clear to me immediately was the complex feature of the character, the fact that Spock was of mixed heritage: Half human, half vulcan. The vulcan side of him being totally logical and of course unemotional and of course his human side which was naturally emtional, combatting with each other, gave Spock an internal life which was exciting to work with. 
altAnd I was working with William Shatner and DeForest Kelley and ... particularly around the three of us, the captain, the doctor and myself. Not long after we began shooting the series, we began enjoying the confrontation of teh doctor and myself. I particularly enjoyed that he didnt understand my anatomy. 
It would be a good idea if somebody asked me some questions ...


(He answers a question ... (?) : The vulcan mating occurs only once in seven years.  ...after a break because of laughing he admits: Maybe after 3 or four years (twinkle); the second question .. (?) semmes to be about coping woith acting and directing at the same time, he answers:  The make-up takes 2 hours and begins at 5 o'clock in the moring.  And it is a long day, behind the camera, in front of the camera, I have directed two Star Trek films, I have directed Star trek III and Star Trek IV, and fater I directed Star Trek IV I was hired to direct Three Men and a Baby, and with Three Men and a Baby I wasn't acting, it was a lot f fun. And it was much easier. 
Some of the great scientists have seen Star Trek films or read science fiction books  for the last hundred years and thought: Is it possible to do that? Is it possible to travel to space? Is it possible to transmit a physical being, a phaysical thing from this place to that place? There are many, many science projects which were created because of science fiction. 



A lot of people stop me and say: You've had an influence on my life. 'I'm a scientist because of Star Trek', 'I'm an educator because of Star Trek.' ... one of the things that Star Trek tells us is that education is valuable. All the team on the Enterprise are highly educated people. They are all professionals at what they do and very qualified. 


Leonard admires the incredible memory of the lady tranlating his statements. 

Leonard answers another question... : I am very flattered. Making a living as an actor was alwaysvery gratifiying.

(Answering a question concerning Adam): First he studied and became a lawaywer. What is 'lawyer' in Portugese?  ---  'advogado'   He was an advogado . He decided to become a director. He came to the Star Trek company at first at Star Trek VI. When I was producing Star TRek VI he came on as an apprentice and he spent a year with 'The Next Generation' as an apprentice and then he began directing.

The translator asks: Are you happy with that? 
LN Absolutely, absolutely, yeah.    ....  

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