Leonard Nimoy and Paul Mazursky

alt2013 November

Paul Mazursky: I have with me an actor, a poet, a singer, a photographer, ...


... and a man for earings. 
Leonard laughs. 

Paul Mazursky: Well, Leonard Nimoy is an old friend of mien, we've known each other for I guess ...
Leonard Nimoy: a long time
Paul Mazursky:  fifty years. Here's a shot of you and Bill Shatner who happens to be Jewish. Almost everyone I know is Jewish. I don't know why. 
Leonard Nimoy: Or pretending to be. 
altPaul Mazursky: Or pretending to be. Here's two Jews from outer space. 
Leonard Nimoy: This is very early. 
altPaul Mazursky: And here is an episode with the two Jews play to Nazis in outer space.
Leonard Nimoy: Yeah, this is the Nazi-Jews! yuh!


Paul Mazursky: And here is the rabbi who gave Leonard - how do you call this? 
Leonard Nimoy: This is a gesture that I saw when I was a kid. I must have been eight or nine years old when I ever remember seeing it in a synagoge. And they were chanting like in a revival meeting, and they were all schouting - they were not good singers - but they were shouting this kind of musical thing (Leonard imitates the chanting) this kind of whaling thing. And one guy, the kind of leading guy says: "Yevarechechah Adonai veyishmerechah ..." and they are all joining him shouting: "Yevarechechah Adonai veyishmerechah ...". So my father said: "Don't look!" 


So, sure enough everybody has got their eyes covered, got their talids over their heads, and I was about eight or nine years old and I peeked. I wanted to see what's going on, and I saw these guys doing this with their hand towards the congregation and their heads covered. It was mysterious. And I hadnt any idea what was going on and I was fascinated with this gesture. And I leaned how to do it, practiced it any time, any place, until I could do that. 

Paul Mazursky: My favorite story about Leonard and myself was when Leonard got the part of Spock. He called me and said: 'Paul, here's Leonard, I have a problem and I want to talk to you. They want me to go to Dallas, Texas, and open a supermarket. They give me 10.000 bugs and they fly me there and fly me back. 


All I have to do is to get there and say 'Welcome' and get 10.000. I don't want to do that because they want me to wear the ears. I'm not going to wear the ears. I don't want to wear these fucking ears all the time. I said: Are you crazy? All you have to do is be Spock, so I have a solution: 


Give me the money. I'll split the money with you, I take 5 gees, I'll wear the ears and you get the money. Leonard said: 'When do I leave?' And he was gone. That's a true story. A true story! Leonard, my friend, good to see you!
Leonard Nimoy: Good to see you.
Paul Mazursky:  I'm so happy! Leonard has given me these ears. 
Leonard Nimoy: These are valuable, Paul. 
Paul Mazursky: Valuable. He wore them ...
Leonard Nimoy: I see them on e-Bay.
Paul Mazursky laughs: On e-Bay, that's a good idea. 
altLeonard Nimoy: No! 
Paul Mazursky: He wore them on 14-07 
altLeonard Nimoy: That's when I wore them, the day I wore them. 
Paul Mazursky: He wore the ears which changed his life. His wife is not too happy when he sleeps with the ears. You don't know that. He wans to be sure ..
Leonard Nimoy: Such a liar. 
Paul Mazursky: that he is Spock. 'I am Spock'. No, he doesn't. 

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