Leonard Nimoy Reveals He Has Lung Disease
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alt2014 February 07

jc reporting
WCMY / ABC radio news

Leonard Nimoy, best known for his role as Mr. Spock on Star Trek, is warning fans against the dangers of smoking after revealing that he suffers from lung disease.

“Smokers, please understand. If you quit after you’re diagnosed with lung damage it’s too late. Grandpa says learn my lesson. Quit now. LLAP,” Nimoy, 82, tweeted Thursday, using the acronym for the Vulcan greeting, “Live Long and Prosper,” that his character was famous for.

The grandfather of five first revealed that he has been diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, in a Jan. 29 post on his Twitter feed.

“I quit smoking 30 yrs ago. Not soon enough. I have COPD. Grandpa says, quit now!! LLAP,” Nimoy wrote.

But the news is making headlines after the actor-director was spotted at an airport in a wheelchair.

COPD, the name for a collection of lung diseases, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema, is characterized by coughing and shortness of breath and typically gets worse over time.

Nimoy told his fans, “I’m doing OK. Just can’t walk distances.”

“Love my life, family, friends and followers. LLAP,” he wrote.


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