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alt2014 May 14

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By Steve Duffy for theLFB

Famed Star Trek actor Leonard Nimoy joins the Boston Pops orchestra and Harvard-trained conductor Sarah Hicks as the distinguished host of the space-themed “Out of This World” concert.

SD: First and foremost, how is your health doing since being diagnosed with COPD?

LN: That is very kind of you to ask. I am stable at the moment. I can’t walk too fast or too far. I’m currently attending rehab and trying to build up my stamina, but overall it is great.

SD: Are you still amazed at the continued popularity of Star Trek?

LN: I am and it is very flattering. I was recently asked my thoughts about the current batch of sci-fi movies and I find them dark and unenjoyable.

SD: Your role as Spock is a cultural icon, what was it like for you to see Zachary Quinto playing Spock in the reboot?

LN: It is just great. He is a great actor with a great heart. He really manifests the character of Spock. He truly was a pleasure to work with.

SD: As a photographer, what inspires you?

LN: I find inspiration through books, the internet, and friends. I am not one to carry my camera with me. I like to pick a topic/focus and then work from there.

SD: Being a Boston native, how exciting is to be performing with the Pops and what can you tell me about the show?

LN: I’m exciting to be returning to Boston. I performed with the Pops about 20 years ago and I am honored to be asked back. I have a great affection for the city especially because it is where I grew up. Boston gave me a sense of myself and shaped who I became. As for the show, I will be narrating while the Pops perform music from sci-fi movies. Thanks, Steve! “Live long and Prosper.”

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