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altSunday, 2014 August 03

Leonard Nimoy joins the Shore Leave convention at Hunt Valley Inn, Hunt Valley, Maryland via Skype. 

Link to a Shore Leave clip

(Thanks to Grace for the report, the photos and the link:)

Link - singing "Maiden Wine"

Unfortunately the session started about fifteen minutes late due to technical difficulties. But Mr. Nimoy braved this as the professional he is. (He didn't even call on Scottie!). While he was frequently unable to see us, Mr. Nimoy had no difficulty hearing us.
(He jokingly asked if we were an attractive group of people to which we responded with a thunderous "YES!")

altThe session finally started with Mr. Nimoy introducing his grandson Jonah. Then Mr. Nimoy sang "Maiden Wine" accompanied by Jonah on guitar. Mr. Nimoy went on to describe how the song came to be. He was asked by Star Trek to write a song for the episode "Plato's Stepchildren", specific for one scene and the request was made on Friday September 3, 1968. Over the weekend of Sept 4th and 5th he wrote the song and performed it for filming on that Monday Sept. 6th.

Mr. Nimoy then went on to quickly mention the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek. He pointed out that 50 years ago the beginning of August 1964 he was involved in doing make-up tests for the pilot episode "The Cage."

Mr. Nimoy recounted in detail the time that a rather rabid fan broke into his hotel room and stole his clothes. It happened during the filming of "Invasion of the Body Snatcher's." Since this film required many night filmings in the area of San Francisco, the cast frequently went out to dinner late. Arriving at his hotel room around 3:00AM Mr. Nimoy realized that he had been the victim of a burglary. When the police arrived, Mr. Nimoy was rather disappointed to be given paperwork to fill out and not much else in the way of help. However the next morning he received a very strange phone call from someone claiming to have mailed a script to a producer friend of his. Didn't he call his friend to discover that a script had just arrived at his friend's office. Obtaining the name of the perpertrator, his clothes mysteriously reappeared at the hotel and much to his relief were delivered to his room by the bellhop.


">(Link as above)

Here he's telling the story. 

Several questions from the audience concerned his past film and television experiences. Including what it was like to work with Peter Faulk on an episode of "Colombo." Mr. Nimoy had the highest praise for him as an actor and professional . In addition he recounted that one of his most memorable experiences following his role of Spock was his participation in the film "A Woman Named Golda" in which he played Morris Meyerson, Golda's husband and for which he received an Emmy nomination. Mr. Nimoy had the greatest admiration for Ingrid Bergman, who played the aging Golda. He was also asked about his involvement in the "In Search Of" TV series, in which he replaced the original narrator and colleague Rod Serling. This series ran for seven seasons and over 140 episodes. Mr. Nimoy found it an intrigueing experience. (Prophetically Mr. Nimoy mentioned his enjoyment working with the producer Alan Landsburg, who recently died.)

Mr Nimoy also recounted his first acting job on TV as a character on the "Pinky Lee" show, circa 1950. He played a character named "Knuckles", named thus for constantly cracking his knuckles. They used to do a close up of Mr. Nimoy's hands while someone filled in the "cracking" sounds in the background. For playing this character, Mr. Nimoy received the stately salary of $15.00!


Finally it was my time to ask Mr. Nimoy a question. I introduced myself by stating that I had been a fan of his for years, since Star Trek first aired on TV. I also told him, I was delivering a 'Hello" from a friend of mine, Margitta. He didn't reply, so I said you know Margitta. right? To which he then said "Oh yes!" He then asked my name and when I said Grace he responded, "I once had a friend named Grace and I used to call her "Amazing Grace"... Her real name was Grace Lee Whitney, do you know who that was? To which the entire auditorium responded: 'Yeoman Rand. Then I told him that Margitta and I had come up with a question:Was receiving the Govenor's Award a surprise and how did he get nominated for it? Mr. Nimoy said he was totally surprised to receive the award and really did not know how he got nominated . He did however explain that he knew it was given for outstanding and unique achievements of considerable duration in television. In conclusion he stated that he was indeed very pleased to now have an Emmy.

I then thanked Mr. Nimoy for ...helping to heal the world and may you continue to live long and prosper. To which Mr. Nimoy responded .. Thank you, and the same to you Grace.

( I returned to my seat to find the woman sitting next to me giving me a thumb's up sign ) 

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