Silent Service - The Final War Patrol



Sailor: Leonard Nimoy


Link to the episode 

Commander Hugene B. Fluckay: Patrick McVey
Lt. William M. Walkor: Liam Sullivan
Jack Porter: L. Q. Jones
Chief of the boat, Sounders: Stanley Adams
Admiral: Richard Keith
Sailor: Leonard Nimoy
Radarman: Richard Gilden
2nd Sailor: Don Eitner

A Two Dolphins Production

Dir.: Sobey Martin
Executive prod.: Rear Admiral Thomas Dykers U.S.N. (Ret.)
Producer: George M. Cahan

The announcer introduces a story of pure heroism. 

The crew on a submarine called "the Bob" is cruising in dangerously shallow waters. They attack targets on the shore. Suddenly a whle flock of ships next to the coast is detected. They fire 8 torpedos. In less than 1 minute thousands of tons of metal is being sunk. They surface in secure distance. 
A few weeks later the Bob stirrs into Pearl Harbour. The captain knows that the Bob is old and that she will soon not be used any more. He promises that they'll manage to destroy another 15 ships. The promise is accepted and they get a new order: An attack with rocktes which has never been done before from a submarine. 


The rocktes damage a city heavily and destroy 15 ships. Now the promise is fulfilled but the captain has got another plan: Having now rockets any more and no torpedos, he'll send a landing crew with charges to damage a railway line at Pacience Bay. 


Getting to the planned site, the crew sits and waits. Walkor shows the sailor a dance: 


"Look, this is the propper way to dance a foxtrott." "Well, it looks more than a turkey walk to me.", the sailor says. " As he's starting to show Walkor, Jack leaves. He confesses a mistake he made to the captain. The captain replaces Jack Porter by Sounders.
altBut Sounders is not experienced enough and suggests that Porter should do the job. The captain agrees.
Thanks to Jack who's doing a risky job, they blow up the railway and a train and make it back to the submarine in time. 


The sailor (in the background) is unloading some equpment:



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